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  We provide consulting and business help on aggregate, asphalt, portland stone ,and concrete.  
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The BMW Group has brought together a team of experts, including the three principals and select associates, to serve the professional needs of the construction aggregate, the Portland cement concrete and the asphalt industries. These individuals, each of whom is a recognized leader in his field, are well prepared to apply decades of knowledge and experience to solving the industry's most challenging problems. BMW's goal for its clients is to help them utilize their products to their "Best Technical Advantage" to achieve the maximum possible profit.

Our people are ready to aid you in any area of the aggregate, asphalt or concrete industry. We can improve your activities with the goal of reducing your costs and/or raising your prices and/or improving your collection procedures aimed at making you improved profits! Any problem you have is an opportunity for our people to serve you.


We have people (Principals & Associates) that can work in any area including

1. Operations _________________________2. Sales and Promotion

3. Marketing__________________________4. Geology

5. Education & Training_________________6. Environmental

7. Governmental Regulations ____________8. Public Relations

9. Funding __________________________10. Financial & Cost Management

11. Performance Analysis_______________12. Due Diligence

13. Plant Design_______________________14. Automation

15. Equipment ________________________16. Management Development

17. Forensic__________________________18. Expert Witness

19. Material Studies & Evaluation_________20. Safety

21. Trade Associations _________________22. Quality Control

23. Greenfield Sites ____________________24. Acquisitions

25. Market Research ___________________26. Strategic Planning

27. Lobbying_________________________ 28. Organization & Management

We know the Industry and the three Principals have more than 100 years of experience.

Our work for you will be "confidential" between you and our people.

We are ready to apply our extensive expertise to your most complex problems to you the best possible answer in a minimum of time.